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Reducing stress and overwhelm, helping business owners boost productivity, tap into creativity, learn to trust themselves and win back time.



  • Stress reduction sessions tailored to your needs. 

  • Integrated approach using coaching and hypnotherapy.

  • Virtual setting appointments


Building a business is stressful but that stress doesn’t have to impact you negatively.

Imagine what it would be like to be able to dissolve overwhelm and stress in moments.

What difference would it make to your business and to your life in general?

Perhaps you would feel more focussed, more productive, less irritable.

Perhaps new ideas might flow to you with ease.

Perhaps you would have more time to spend with the people you love the most and be doing the things you love, because your business will be running more efficiently.

I know these things and much much more are possible for you.

If you would like to know some simple tools and tips to help you reduce stress so you can boost productivity, tap into your creativity, learn to trust yourself more and ultimately have more time for the things you love, then you are in the perfect place.  

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I help people just like you to reduce stress and overwhelm. Stress doesn't have to impact you negatively and if harnessed the right way, it can be your ally, the thing that gives you and your businesses the edge. 

Together we will identify the factors causing your stress and overwhelm and come up with a personalised program to reduce stress. 

Sessions will comprise gentle coaching and hypnotherapy to allow me to draw on your intellectual and emotional experiences to enable positive change and to remove whatever is blocking you from achieving your goals.

During sessions, I tap into your mindset to transform limited self-belief into success.  It often takes a series of sessions to effectively remove any blockers and allow you, to become that more peaceful, happier, healthier version of you, the one that you know in your heart is the real you.  


Set aside your preconceptions of hypnosis. It’s an entirely natural state of mind, we all drift in and out of it all the time. It unlocks the potential you have to free yourself from negative thought patterns and react more positively and confidently to situations and decisions, which may previously have made you stressed and anxious.

  • It’s absolutely safe, there’s no risk and you remain fully conscious the whole time

  • Hypnosis can be undertaken virtually

  • You’re aware of what you’re doing the entire time, there’s no sleeping - just a more relaxed state of consciousness


My programs are designed to empower you to tap into blocks, remove them and provide you with the tools to maintain a calm and healthy state of mind. Packed full of expert, tailored advice for you, my program will leave you feeling energised about the future, more confident and less stressed.

So let's make your life and business fun again and connect to the peaceful you.  


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“I’ve had great success building small businesses but there was always something missing. Call it self-confidence, or belief; but there was always a missing element when I did business. In short - something was stopping me from reaching my fullest joy and potential.  Speaking with Fran has made a world of a difference.  After just one session where we uncovered hidden (and quite frankly unexpected) blocks, through a hypnosis session I was able to clear that.”

 "I have seen her now a few times for different things.  I had a fear of speaking in front of people.  After just a session and an exciting journey into my mind, I dealt with my fear and spoke openly to a group of people a few days later, I am now often asked to speak in public to bigger groups and instead of dreading it, I see it as a really enjoyable way to share myself an hopefully influence those I am speaking with in a positive way." 

"I have tried a number of different methods over the years (mostly on and off) to improve my state of mind, but I have to say today was, by far, the best. I have so much more clarity on the reasons I respond the way I do in certain situations, and I really appreciate your help guiding me through some of the fears I've had over exploring the root causes of my reactions." 

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